Decisive Action.

Expression is at the forefront of technology platforms that advance critical missions.

Our capabilities in Machine Learning/ AI, Software Development, Data Science/ Analytics, Spectrum Engineering, and Systems Engineering have made us an essential partner in high-stakes Defense, Federal Law Enforcement, and Space initiatives.

With a highly strategic approach, we design technical solutions tailored to optimize your environment and meet your most complex needs. Our highly skilled teams leverage human-centered design and agile development methodologies to ensure that you are central to the design and delivery process. Our AI-driven solutions help you make critical decisions and take decisive action across your range of operations.

Machine Learning/AI

We leverage advanced algorithms and models to analyze vast data sources, automate and optimize key processes, reduce manual effort and errors, and increase speed.

Software Development

Our full lifecycle software development combines agile delivery with proven methodologies to develop systems for mission-critical programs.

Data Science/ Analytics

We enable you to uncover insights and patterns in complex data sets by leveraging data mining, data, engineering, statistical modeling, and machine learning.

Systems Engineering

Our system engineers aid in the identification, selection, and assessment of technologies and architectures and delivery of complex system design, development, and rigorously tested production systems.

Spectrum Engineering

Our experts in electromagnetic spectrum engineering aid our customers in addressing frequency selection, management, and analysis to optimize and control frequencies and avoid interference in operations.